Leasing Terms Of Flying Vehicles

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As you would rent a car it is also possible to rent a flying vessel. This often becomes a requirement when a group of corporate people wish to travel for business purposes or a celebrity wishes to have exclusive access to a flying vessel for his or her crew. There can be diverse requirements for flying vehicles and certain agencies specialize in renting out for such purposes.

Plane leasing and how it works

Aircraft leases are contracts that allow companies or individuals to gain access to an airplane. A rental or lease is provided for a certain time period for which a fee is charged. There are charter and airline companies that offer leasing of aircrafts though their availability varies from region to region and country to country. Many individual pilots also lease aircrafts which is a good way to maintain such vehicles as well. Certain airfields offer leasing agreements as a cooperative setup; hence several pilots can keep their planes such as twin otter aircraft in such premises as well as share the infrastructure of the airfield. They are able to split their expense and also maintain schedules of shared access to the runway and other facilities.

Wet and dry leases

This is a concept linked to aircraft leases. Unlike airplanes for sale Australia when aircrafts are leased out, there are two types of leases, dry or wet. A wet lease is one where not only the aircraft is leased out, but also flight crew, ground staff, insurance and maintenance requirements included. On the other hand, a dry lease usually includes rental for the aircraft alone. People who opt for dry lease usually are those who have experience flying their own crafts and have crew and others to assist them in such operations. The companies that offer aircraft leases have varying terms that customers need to consider. Certain airline provides airplanes for lease whose rates vary as per the capacity or model of the aircraft, length of the lease period and other terms that might apply. Certain companies are able to lease out vehicles that can be flown only in domestic areas while others allow leasing of airplanes that can be flown to international destinations. If you are looking to rent an aircraft for your individual needs or for a corporate hire, you can start by searching online regional directories.