Services That Is Included Under The Category Of Conveyancing


Has it ever occurred to you that what is the need of conveyancer or a property lawyer; if we by ourselves can sign a legal contract between the two parties? If it has passed through your mind then we are sorry to say that you are absolutely wrong in this because conveyancing might seem like a simple task with the mere signing of contract between two parties but it is much more than this. In simpler words; conveyancing is defined as the transfer of property among two parties with the formation of legal contract. This property can be a residential property, commercial, industrial or even an agricultural one but before taking any decision one must carry out the background check and this background check can only be done by the legal practitioners. The kind of legal practitioner who manages the transference of property is known as a conveyancer or a property lawyer. In this article; we will be discussing about the services that is included under the category of conveyancing.

Service that is included under the category of conveyancing:

Conveyancing can be defined as one such branch of law that deals with the buying and selling of a property with the formation of a contract. It is the property lawyers who checks for any encumbrances or the restrictions on the property. They make sure to draft legal documents and ensure proper fees and rates exchange. The organization of settlements and the exchange of documents are also considered as a part of conveyancing. This is why if you are going to make any decision regarding property transference then you must consider hiring property lawyer for yourself. It is the property lawyer who is going to help you in the rectification of work negotiations.  Auction contract drafting as well as the preparation of mortgage documents is also going to be carried out by the property lawyers.

Driving offence lawyers:

Driving offence is also the kind of a criminal offence in which a person commits a crime of over speeding, hit and run or any other related incident. If you have committed a crime then you must hire a lawyer to be able to put forward your side of the story along with facts. It is what driving offence lawyers are for because if the incident occurred unintentionally then they will try to prove you not guilty. However; if you have committed a crime then they try to reduce the penalty.


Lawyers are the legal practitioners who help you indifferent spheres of life to get through the legal procedures. Conveyancing in cranbourne is a branch of law that deals with the exchange of property while following all of the legalities of the situation. There are property lawyers who double check the record of the property and sees if there are any restrictions or encumbrances on the property. “Bay side Solicitors” provide the best services of conveyancing, driving offence lawyers and so on.